EP. 10

Crossing the Digital Bridge: Is Your Business Ready for a Software Leap?

August 06, 2023

Embark on a software development journey with our 7 key considerations. Harness tips for goal setting, budgeting, resource allocation, change management, and more. Unlock success in tech implementation with this expert guide.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to The Moonello Show. My name is Matt. I'm Jason, and today we're going to discuss, is your business ready or your company ready to either embark on a software development project, or hire a software development company to help you with your project? Yeah. If the answer to that second part of the question is Moonello, then the answer is yes.

Yes. Yeah. Okay. It's a little joke for you guys. Yeah. He must really like that company. Yeah, probably. I get money from that company. So, so we've narrowed it down to seven things. So we're going to discuss those seven things today. So stick around if you want to hear what all seven things are. But the first thing is does your business or company have a clear goal in mind for what you want your software to accomplish?

Yeah. That's before we kind of get into our, to our notes can you imagine. Like just sitting around with your friends or with your company or something and be like, we should have an app. And that's where you start. It's not damn, what's the app about? It's not like I have a business need.

I have these are the reasons that I would like to have an app. It's just like I. We shouldn'...Read more

Your Co-hosts

We are Matt, Jason, and Monica. We are from Moonello. We help companies implement smart technology through software development and digital marketing so that they can thrive in the digital world.

Your Co-hosts Matt, Jason, and Monica

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