EP. 17

The Foundation for Software Success: Mastering the Discovery Process

March 26, 2024

A well-executed discovery process is the foundation for successful custom software. This episode goes over the importance of understanding your business needs, user requirements, and technical considerations before any development begins. We'll cover the essential steps involved and provide tips to ensure you get the most from this crucial stage.

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Welcome to the Moonello show. This is episode 17. We are talking about the foundation of software success which is mastering the discovery process. We happy to be here today? Really happy to be here.

Yeah. I'm going to discover how happy we are. And if you stick around to the end, we have a resource for you to help you through your discovery process. We are Moonello. We are a software development and digital marketing company. We help companies succeed online through software and promotion through digital.

That little marketing bit, that was new. Yeah. Did you like it? Yeah. It was pretty good. You're welcome. It's almost like it's a new service that we're offering. Interesting. Hey. You never know. What is the discovery process? What is the discovery phase? It's when you figure things out, right?

It's when you figure things out. It is also known as the planning phase. No kidding. It is also known as the first phase in a five year plan. phase project Isn't it like a Hidden phase like people don't often consider this phase. Yes. Yeah. Yep Would you consider this phase crucial to starting a new project?

Yep It is often the phase that gets skipped over b...Read more

Your Co-hosts

We are Matt, Jason, and Monica. We are from Moonello. We help companies implement smart technology through software development and digital marketing so that they can thrive in the digital world.

Your Co-hosts Matt, Jason, and Monica

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