EP. 01

Unlocking the Power of Software Development: No Code, Low Code, and Custom Software Approaches

February 01, 2023

In today's digital age, businesses need customized software solutions to keep up with the competition. However, not all businesses have the technical expertise or resources to build software from scratch. That's where no-code, low-code, and custom software development approaches come in.

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Hello everyone. Welcome to The Moonello Show. This is our very first episode, so we'll chit chat a little bit about us really quick so you get to know us a little bit, and then we'll get into today's. My name is Matt. Hi, I'm Jason. Uh, we're from Moonello, a software development company. Um, myself, I came from a mechanical engineering background.

Uh, started working for one of the big three in the Detroit, Michigan area. Uh, tier one, tier two auto supplier. And while I was there, I was working on my mechanical, mechanical engineering related task, um, while I was tasked also to work on the company website, uh, never did a website before, really didn't know what I was doing, but I kind of found myself, uh, found myself almost a new career.

I was going in early, staying late. When I was working on the website, I just kind of taught myself a whole new, uh, whole new career, whole new hobby. Um, turn that hobby into a business. Started to get more involved with building larger, complex applic. Uh, that's where I feel like I shine a little bit when things get complex, when things get crazy, when there's a lot of moving parts that go, go together in a software platfor...Read more

Your Co-hosts

We are Matt, Jason, and Monica. We are from Moonello. We help companies implement smart technology through software development and digital marketing so that they can thrive in the digital world.

Your Co-hosts Matt, Jason, and Monica

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