EP. 19

Who's in Charge Here? The Power Struggle Over AI Regulation in America

May 30, 2024

The AI revolution is here, but are there any rules? Join us as we uncover the shocking lack of regulations around artificial intelligence in the United States. We'll explore the real-life consequences of this legal gray area: Are your job, privacy, and safety at risk? Don't miss this eye-opening episode of The Moonello Show where we break down what's at stake and what you need to know.

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So today's episode is all pretty much. Yeah. What is today's episode about? Okay. So I think today we are going to cover AI regulations and the real big question.

Why hasn't the US really created any laws about AI or surrounding ai? They've got a whole lot of other things to talk about surrounding technologies that we use. But not so much. Not so much AI yet. Yeah. I wonder why that is. Yeah. I don't know. Are we gonna go down this path? Are we gonna go down this path?

Red pill, blue pill. Conspiracy Jason or That's why I picked this topic. Can we do red pill with a little bit of blue pill along the way? Okay. All right. I'll sprinkle some in. Okay. As we go. That is 100 percent why this topic was picked. Me and you went on a tangent outside of the podcast and I was like Podcast episode got it.

Yep. Yep. And then I forgot the entire tangent You created the outline and then I had to re study what I had said. So that's the process. Welcome to the Jason, Jason show. Wow. We're renaming the podcast today. Okay. So regulations, what do they look like today? Federally. Big goose egg. Which is weird. Yeah.

What about a duck egg? Could be a duck egg, too. Cou...Read more

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