EP. 05

Maintaining Your Competitive Edge: The Crucial Role of Software Maintenance and Optimizations

February 05, 2023

Software maintenance is super important for businesses. It helps to make sure your software is working well and can keep up with new technology. In this summary, we will talk about why software maintenance is important and how it can help your business.

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Today we got some pretty cool stuff. We're going to talk about the vital role of software maintenance. Yep. In business success. Everybody's favorite topic. Yeah. I love everybody's favorite topic, maintaining things.

Yep. Asana tickets pouring through. It's just the best. There's a lot more to maintenance, which we'll all go into. We'll go into, we'll go into all the different aspects about it. How to think of it as not just maintenance. How maintenance about it is the smallest piece about it.

But it's a lot more in detail. So really it just, revolves around just you've got a software application or as simple as a website. You've got a mobile app, you've got something running in the cloud, you've got an internal business tool, or you've got something out there in the public that people download onto their phones.

It's how do you make it better? How do you optimize it? How do you make it or to changes faster? How do you maintain the code? That's what really it's all about. Every, there's a stigma. Oh, it's just maintenance, whatever. I don't want to do that. But really there's a lot more to it, a lot more benefits to a business to go, to get involved in that...Read more

Your Co-hosts

We are Matt, Jason, and Monica. We are from Moonello. We help companies implement smart technology through software development and digital marketing so that they can thrive in the digital world.

Your Co-hosts Matt, Jason, and Monica

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